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See the DL-2 in action!
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Type of machine:  Door Lite Cut Out Machine

Manufacture & Model: Kval / DL-2

Serial number: 97-37150

Location: Warner, Okla.

Price: $17,495.00   $15,000.00  SOLD!     F.O.B. Warner, Okla.,

Power: 120 volt single phase 15 amps / 220 / 440 volts.  10 / 5 amps three phase 3 hp motor

Air: 4 CFM at 90 lbs pressure

Re-manufactured 2010
All new valves, cylinders, air lines, and paint.  Up to 8'0" capable. 
Change speed with belt driven pulleys and bits for metal, wood, and fiberglass.

KVAL's DL-2 Door Light Cut-Out Machine produces rectangular, curved, and multi-light cut-outs in wood or metal doors up to 16 gauge. Face boring is standard with a built-in steel template adjustable for backsets from 2-3/8” to 2-3/4”. The three-speed cutter head is supported by cross- mounted lineal bearing shafts for length and width travel.

This design eliminates cut-out templates for rectangular lights since adjustable stops can be locked directly on the shaft to limit cutter head travel. A numeric scale and ratcheting lock handles are provided to make the stops easy to adjust. For curved or multiple light cutouts, plywood templates slide into a holder 1/4" above the door. The same template can be used for 32” or 36” doors.

In operation, a door is rolled into the machine from the end until it indexes against a retractable doorstop. The clamp button brings in the adjustable fence to firmly sandwich the door against a fixed rail. With the touch of another button, the cutter head is lowered. The operator begins to manually move the cutter head carriage along the lineal bearing shafts to make the cut. During the cutting operation, the spindle automatically oscillates up and down 3/8” every second to guard against overheating the same part of the cutting tool, thus ensure even tool wear and longer tool life.

The pass line height of the DL-2 stands at 33-1/2”.


Footprint Size: 7'x 10'
Crated Dimensions: 115"L x 84"W x 60"H
Shipping Weight: 2,000 lbs.

Cut out for rectangular, curved and multi-lite cut outs in wood or metal doors up to 16 gauge.  The two speed cutter head is supported by cross mounted lineal bearing shafts for length and width travel, and a hardinge B3 1/2" ID collet is used for accurate holding.

Production rate: Kval DL-2 Door Lite cut-out time study.
10 seconds Feed and Clamp Time
3 seconds per foot of cut
19 seconds cut deadbolt and face hole
7 seconds face plate
15 seconds set-up for rectangular cut-outs add five seconds per lite

Other features:
Option (A) Thumb operated clamping system
Option (D) Edge Detailing for wood or metal doors
Option (F) extra deadbolt stop for 6'8" and 8'0" doors

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