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Ernie's Equipment

Ernie's Equipment
EMI Roller Table
EMI SR-201 Super Duty Strike Router
EMI Stop to Jamb Stapler

 KVAL Dual Height In Feed or Out Feed Roll Table
 KVAL Door Pre-Hanging


KVAL 555 Beveler
 KVAL Door Assembly 700B

  KVAL 977 Miter Trim Saw
 Modified KVAL 990 RCD Back Section Only
 KVAL 990 - F2 or 990-F


Norfield 1020 Trim Saw
Norfield 150 Trim Saw
  Dotul Maverick DT500
 Dotul 2007 Maverick Pack
 Dotul Nomad DT400
 DT520 - Deep Lock Mortiser ~ Attatched to Maverick
DT523 -  Deep Lock Mortiser ~ Free Standing
 Viking XY Door Lite
 DT525 - Vertical Door Loader & Off Loader
DT530 - PreHanging Door Assembly Table
DT540 - Heavy Duty Door Offloader
 Maverick/Nomad Parts
 MT 137,143,152 Wide Belt Sander
MT104 Stile Boring Machine
BR-54 Multi Spindle Boring Machine
MT100 Rip Straight Line Saw
 MT102,103 Dotul Jointer
MT200 Raised Panel Door Shaper
AT - 1200, 1201, 9600, 9601 Stile Press  
AT9605 & AT1205 Stile Press Clamp Rack
AT400 Dowel Driver
 Clamp Carrier 4810 PA
Clamp Carrier 4820AC 
 Clamp Carrier 4830AC
 AT-300 Glue Spreader
 Louver Groover - MT-250

Assembly Tools
Door Tools
Milling Tools

Full House
Full House Swinger Door Lite Router
Full House Automatic Door Assembly (Video)
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    Ernie's Machinery is a full service shop that supports the pre-hung door industry.

    We provide all aspects of service to manufactures of residential and commercial doors. We manufacture, re-manufacture, and represent several door equipment brands. We strive to provide our customers with the equipment and follow-up support required to make their door manufacturing process a success.

    What you can expect from Ernie's Machinery Inc:

    • We aim to provide sales and service to the door manufacturing industry with a strong commitment to insure customer satisfaction.
    • We are a full manufacturing and service shop and we service automation systems for many industries.
    • We offer our customers a solution for new equipment, refurbish- upgrade old equipment and manufacture special equipment.
    • We offer many years of knowledge and experience in the door and automation industry.
    • This site offers a list of new machines, refurbished equipment, service technicians and spare parts.

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    10" Unisaw
    Eagle Safety Storage Cabinets

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